IAM Governance Made Smart

As an administrator, you might grant permissions to entities beyond what they require. Zen3C allows you to identify unused permissions, refine your policies and helps you to better adhere to the best practice of least privilege

Helping you improve security posture of your AWS environment


With the complexity of compliance and the potential risk of data breaches, Zen3C allows you to actively monitor unused roles and take a proactive approach to access governance.


Beyond understanding “who has access to what”, Zen3C provides detailed graphical and actionable business context and highlights outliers for individuals versus their roles.


Bid farewell to the unused entities that are not actively monitored or maintained, with just a click. Act on the recommendations provided by our User Behaviour Analysis and enhance your security posture.

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Designed for you.

Zen3c is designed for companies of all size in mind. CISO to IT Managers who lack visibility on their cloud IAM access and security issues . Connecting to multiple cloud APl and downloading reports to analyse the IAM usage insights is time consuming. Zen3c makes the everyday task of understanding the IAM behaviour easy for engineers.

Making it Simpler.

Zen3C is a solution designed by experiencing user governance issues firsthand. A simple, smart and resilient solution. One centralised dashboard to take care of your security and governance requirements.

Governance Simplified

Simplify your monitoring and auditing efforts by staying focused on roles in use. Simplified governance with intuitive and flexible analytics and policy-driven provisioning improves IT efficiency, enhances security and enables compliance.

Reduced Risk with Actionable Intelligence

Balance resources with the organization’s risk and compliance obligation, ensuring that users only have access to the resources they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Flexible to your needs

Flexible and Resilient Zen3C can be deployed in single or multiple AWS accounts. Multiple server instances provide optimal configuration options, fault tolerance, redundancy, failover and system load balancing. Custom domain and branded reports.

AWS Access Monitoring
and Reporting

To determine and take action on unethical usage of access privileges across the enterprise.

  • Centralised access.

  • Colourful visuals for clear understanding.

  • Recognise and remove unused access to better adhere to the principle of least privilege.

Enforce internal security

And eliminate potential security threats from rogue, expired and unauthorized accounts and privileges.

  • Set the requirements as per your internal security policies.

  • A complete overview in one place.

  • Machine learning recommendations for enhanced security.

Affordable Pricing.

Pro 30 Pro 50 Pro 100 Enterprise
AWS IAM Account Summary
AWS Credentials Report and Last access time
Authorized Services Report
Users, Roles & Groups
Risk Rating - Dashboard
Machine Learning for recommendation
AWS Organization Setup and Team Management
Branding and Custom domain
Enterprise Grade Security
e.g. MFA, Single Sign on Audit Logs, and more
Organization Reports: Accounts FeatureSet, Access Report, Service Control Policies
Technical Support Chat and Email Chat and Email Chat and Email + Phone
Number of IAM Entities 30 50 100 Unlimited
Number of Accounts 1 3 5 Custom
Price per month $39 $99 $149 Contact Us

Up to the mountains is
where our numbers bring us.

Based on AWS serverless technologies, it enables us to build a modern application with increased agility and lower total cost of ownership. Our developers focus time and energy on developing a great product which scale and that is reliable.

Serverless Architecture

Service uptime

Multicloud software-driven

An extensive set of features.

Explore the features so you can make the most of Zen3C.

AWS IAM Account Summary

A simplified visual display of your IAM landscape with eased control over no. of usres, roles and groups.

AWS Credentials Report and Last access time

Access keys last usage, access key rotation report and access key report - to ensure reduced threat to unprivileged access.

Authorized Services Report

Least privilege for Users, Roles & Groups control.

Risk Rating - Dashboard

Automated rating for risks on your security posture. Risk score and recommendations for improvement at an instant.

Machine Learning for recommendation

Intelligent recommendation and clear action steps within AWS.

AWS Organization Setup and Team Management

A Centralised team management of all users.

Branding and Custom domain

Access the panel with your custom domain and share your reports with the team with personalised branding.

Enterprise Grade Security

Add additional security layers for security and compliance like CISA, HIPPA and GDPR.

Organization Reports

Generate complex governance reports like Accounts FeatureSet, Access Report & Service Control Policies just with a click.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team is available to help you away. (including your custom requirements)

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    "Zen3C is an evidence for KeplerWorx. While working with large Cloud enterprises on automation and fast delivery, we received recurring complaints about Cloud security transparency and governance clarity. Security experts, Cloud architects, and even leadership, they all wanted a simple solution to govern their accounts and organization. The pain of our customers became the source of our wonder. Our team worked nights and weekends, iterated and Zen3C was born.

    We are chasing Zen3C with a vision of simplified Multicloud governance."